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Simplifying a content heavy site

UC Riverside Library Responsive Design

UC Riverside Library had a legacy site with over 210 navigation items. The site suffered from redundant content, dead links, and confusing navigation. I worked with their team of 17 librarians to rebuild the site from scratch. We began by creating a new site map that was 38% smaller. 

UCR Library Sitemap.png

I facilitated 8 days of ux workshops where we defined the structure of the new site.


Search was the number one task users wanted to do on the site. For this reason, we featured it prominently on the home page.

UCR Library Home.jpg

We needed to show search results from multiple sources. I added labels and off-site link icons to reassure users where the links would take them. 

UCR Library Search.png

Users needed to find library hours quickly. I added a link in the utility navigation for faster access. The hours page shows unique information for 5 different libraries.  

UCR Library Hours.png
UC Riverside Library Mobile.png

Each library has its own section where it can display its unique resources and services. 

UCR Library Library Microsite.jpg

The site size required a mobile menu design that went 4 levels deep. I included the search field at the top of the menu to support this high priority task. 

UCR Mobile Menu.png

Collections are a unique differentiator of the UCR Library. We kept them as a link in the primary navigation. I created new designs for the landing and detail pages, reflecting the new taxonomies and content structure. 

UCR Library Collections.jpg
UCR Library Collection Node.jpg

I designed a new news section to give UCR Library a better way to communicate with its users. 

UCR Library News.jpg

To accommodate the library's need to host workshops and events, I designed an events section. It allows users to RSVP and shows multiple dates. 

UCR Library Event Node.png


The new UC Riverside Library website displays on all screen sizes and is easier to use.


  • Reduced site map size by 38%
  • Facilitated ux workshops with 17 participants
  • Eliminated redundant content
  • Extended UC Riverside digital appearance to accommodate responsive design requirements
  • Improved user experience


  • Strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • User experience design
  • Responsive design
  • Brand extension


This project was done at Chapter Three.

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